Certified skin care creams - J & V 1965 creams




The certifications of our products.

Natural and certified products for the face 100% Made in Italy.

Our products, scrupulously controlled by the University of Ferrara, have various certifications. The J & V 1965 complies with the EEC legislation because:

• None of the substances used are those that are forbidden for the production of cosmetics and hygiene products.

• The preservative agents present in the products are included in the positive list approved by the EEC, the preservative agents are used at a concentration in accordance with the use.

University certification

The Cosmetology Center of Ferrara is configured as an interdepartmental center. It represents an autonomous scientific articulation. The aims of the Center are: to promote innovative research in the field of Cosmetology, organize and manage collaborations with public and private research organizations, as well as with companies active in the cosmetic sector, organize and manage services and consultancy for public and private research organizations, as well as for companies active in the cosmetics sector make available spaces and equipment for the carrying out of research aimed at the preparation of thesis, degree, specialization and research doctorate to organize courses of improvement and training on subjects related to cosmetology.

Università di Ferrara

Creams not tested on animals

J & V 1965 is a Cruelty free company, for this reason, no animal or living test is carried out for the realization of its products, unlike the toxicological and chemical tests that are regularly carried out by the cosmetic industries. Animal experimentation is as useless as it is cruel, just think that as a result of these tests, every year thousands of animals die in the laboratories of cosmetic industries, sacrificed on the sacred altar of human vanity.